Pop's Route 66

Pops Gas Station – Route 66 near Arcadia, OK

Pops is a gas station and soda shop along historic Route 66 at Westminster Road near Arcadia, Oklahoma. The gas station itself is a steel frame building using vertical trusses for the front and back glass walls. Stone and concrete masonry make up the side walls. Each truss wall has glass shelves for displaying pop bottles.

The main features of the 4500 sf gas station are the canopy over the gas pumps and the pop bottle near the highway. The canopy is made up of (4) 200 foot pipe frame trusses which span over the entire gas station and cover the fueling area, a cantilever of about 118 feet. The 65 foot pop bottle is made up of rolled channels around a 24 inch diameter ‘straw’.


Pops' famous bottle was fabricated in the steel fabricator's South Oklahoma City shop, then loaded on a truck and delivered to the site.

  Pop''s famous bottle being sent out to the site on a flatbed.  


Chesapeake Finish Line Tower

Chesapeake Finish Line Tower - Riversport Drive, Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma River, located near Oklahoma City is the home of world class crew races and Olympic time trials.  The river's edge is dotted with new strucutres accomodating the crew teams and their equipment from near and far.  The Chesapeake Energy Finish Line Tower is a cantilevered 4-level concrete and steel structure that houses race officials, and provides meeting space for teams and coaches as well as private events.