Our People

Mark Eudaley, P.E., President Emeritus

Mark Eudaley brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and integrity to MEEI. As founder and CEO of MEEI, Mark has crafted a company built on reliability and service. Mark has focused his 50+ year career on providing practical, cost effective, constructable, and innovative design solutions for his clients. Mark’s portfolio is diverse, with over 2,000 projects under his belt, ranging from residential projects to multi story commercial structures and large corporate complexes all over the United States.  View Mark's Work.

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Cabot Eudaley, P.E., Sr. Engineer, President

Cabot Eudaley brings an excitement to MEEI not typically seen in an engineering office. Carrying on the fifty year legacy of MEEI, Cabot has made his career on not only providing innovative design but innovative tools to assist fellow engineers. Having started his career in the seventies as a programmer, Cabot worked writing engineering analysis software that MEEI and other firms still utilize today. Cabot's knowledge of programming has uniquely equipped him to streamline MEEI's plan production process, making us a more efficient organization. View Cabot's work.

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Brian Baker, P.E., Sr. Engineer

Brian Baker is a Senior Engineer with MEEI. Brian has over thirty years of experience in structural engineering, twenty of which have been with MEEI. Brian has acted as project engineer on a large variety of projects ranging in scope from wood framing, multi-story steel, and concrete to historical preservation. He considers one of his greatest assets to be the experience that was gained during a stint with a local general contractor as a project manager, which allowed him to experience the construction phase of the industry through the eyes of the general contractor.

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